Aquellos que tengan tiempo y amen el riesgo, alma de Apple pero cuerpo de PC, ganas de probar algo nuevo o, simplemente, situarse a la vanguardia del eclecticismo plataformero deberían echarle un vistazo a How I Got Mac OS X Tiger for Intel (x86) Working Great, un impresionante howto (cómo se hace) en el que se nos describe detalladamente todos y cada uno de los pasos para instalar el sistema operativo Mac Os X Tiger para Intel en nuestro PC.

Éstos son algunos de los requisitos básicos:

“1. tiger-x86-flat.img Commonly referred to as the “deadmoo” image, it can be found on bittorent sites by searching for “VMWare files for patched Mac OS X Tiger Intel” or “tiger-x86-flat.img” or “tiger-x86.tar.bz2″ Find this file! It is the disk image that contains OSX86.
2. There are now ways to install OSX86 on a PC with Windows already on it (linked guides to follow), but I would recommend a new hard drive with at least 8GBs storage.
3. Now, if you will be using the real Mac method you will need to get a hard drive case, if your Mac does not have a spot for a 2nd hard drive. Hard drive cases can be found pretty cheap.
4. If you will not be going the real Mac route, you will find that a lot of the guides ask for you to burn yourself a Linux LiveCD. I would use Ubuntu.
5. Remind myself to delete number 5”.

¿Te atreves?

(vía Boing Boing)

Y éstos otros dos más:

“1. Using any method you want, get your blank (or erasable) hard drive connected to a Mac.
2. Have the tiger-x86.tar.bz2 on your computer!”